“Sibling Rivalry” an introduction to the benefits of paintball and therapy!

Growing up with siblings can be equally amazing as it can be frustrating.  While there are days where you can barely stand to look at one another, there are also days you would do anything to spend more time together.  Unfortunately, when we let the difficulties and obstacles get in the way, it can also make it hard to be mindful of the positive experiences. Sibling struggles can cause tension in the entire family.  When sometimes the words about how we are feeling don’t come to mind or the skills to be used in healthy feeling expression aren’t there, one may turn to impulsive or avoidant behavior to cope with these feelings.  Join us at Wild Rose Paintball for a night of healthy, sibling rivalry. While paintball gives your children a healthy, fun way to express their aggression, it can also help siblings connect with one another. This event hopes to allow families the opportunity to learn effective skills to improve communication and to express feelings in a healthy manner.  You will also have the opportunity to participate in skill building activities, as well as connect with the therapists at Brighter Sky Counseling. If you feel your family or your children could benefit from any of these things, please join us for Sibling Rivalry.

-Julia Chandler (Brighter Sky Counseling)

If you have ever heard of movement therapy or play therapy, paintball would fall into those categories! It is exciting to think that playing a game can benefit you in so many ways. The release of serotonin or the “happy” chemical released in our brains is very important. It actually is one way your body defends itself against depression. It is believed to aid in the regulation of not just mood but, social behavior, appetite/digestion, sleep, memory, and more.

Why not gain all of these amazing benefits through fun games with friends, family, and co-workers? Paintball is that great game that can be paired with counseling on-site in ways that would not normally be thought of when just playing the game.

Join us for Sibling Rivalry learn more and experience the benefits!

-“Wild” Rose Pball (Wild Rose Paintball)

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