Rentals & Groups

After booking, please give us details on the form on the contact page & check your email (including your spam folder) for confirmation of your booking. Contact us if you have not received confirmation within 24 hours.


Walk-On Play – no appointment required

  • Friday’s 3 – 6pm
  • Saturday’s 9am – 6pm
  • Sunday’s 1 – 5pm

Rental packages

  • Paintball:  $30 – Entry, Air Fills, Marker, Goggles, Tank, Hopper, 500 Paintballs  
  • Airsoft:  $30 – Entry, Air Fills, Marker, Goggles, Magazine, 500 BB’s
  • Gotcha Gear:  $30 – Field entry, Marker, Goggles, Hopper, 500 Paintballs
  • 50 Caliber: We now offer 50 caliber lower impact paintball!

Paint & BB’s

We are a Field Paint Only facility.  We offer two grades of paint and biodegradable BB’s.  We ALWAYS price our paint competitively.  We will never overcharge for paint.

  • Recreational grade paint:  $13/bag (500), $45/case (2000)
  • Competitive grade paint:  $18/bag (500), $60/case (2000)
  • Airsoft BB’s: (Biodegradable) .20G $13/bag (5000)


  • $3 – “No Fog” goggles
  • $3 – 2 pods with belt
  • $45 – Body cam (includes SD card for you to take home)

Season Passes

$149 – Individual Season Pass, covers entry and unlimited air every time you play for one full year when you bring your own equipment! Season pass holders get a Wild Rose Paintball paint cooler. Or, If you are renting get $10 off your rental packages. (Passes cannot be combined with any other offer, packages, or coupons unless otherwise specified by Wild Rose Paintball owners)

  • $25/hour Marker repair and tune ups
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