New This Summer!!

We are overjoyed with all the new events we will be having this year, as well as, all of the exciting new gear we now offer! Paintball can be paired with so many different ideas to create wonderful days or nights filled with extreme fun! Take a look at our calendar, follow us on social media, and tell your friends!

This year we are introducing camps for kids ages 6-13. These are half day camps engaging your children in a fun, healthy activity, offering skills for self defense, success with a team, and everyday life. Your kids will definitely be talking about this camp for years to come! Check out more info in the blog post about camps!

Leagues! What can we say, this is for everyone!  Have fun and possibly win cash; how could you lose? League nights are Wednesdays at 6pm. Add your team (4 players) to the growing roster. If you don’t have a team we will find one for you.

This year we are introducing our one of a kind date nights called “Couples Therapy”. You can’t miss this! There are limited spots for the evening which will include dinner, motivational speakers, and of course paintball!! You really can’t go wrong! Check out more info in our Couples Therapy blog post!

We are also pleased to announce new gear especially for kids. Our Gotcha guns are low velocity markers that can shoot either small paintballs or foam balls. This makes it easier for everyone to enjoy paintball at any age, skill level, or (let’s face it) fear level.  We also have new Vibe markers as a rental package upgrade. Vibe markers have a hair trigger to give you a leg up on your opponent! You can also carry more ammunition by renting  pods and a belt, so you can reload your marker on the field during play.

Check out our calendar,  follow us on social media and keep up to date with events or new gear!

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My name is Wild Rose. I am the owner and mascot for Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft. Stay engaged with me on all my social media! I have a Pro-Shop onsite at Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft where you can buy everything you need to play either sport! I just love this game! We also have a team that competes in tournaments and teaches clinics at our field so watch for their next clinic! My field is the ONLY field to partner with the ODMT who host our magfed only games in Montana. Follow our social media links to find out more about ODMT! I now own the largest paintball and airsoft facility in Montana!! Yippee! Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft is the largest paintball and airsoft facility in the state of Montana! We have two separate locations our outdoor "Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft" has 4 fields (working on our 5th) and our indoor arena the "Splat Attack Battle Arena" with one arena space. Wild Rose Paintball and airsoft is located in Acton, Montana only about ten minutes from the Billings, Montana airport & Zimmerman Trail area. Our indoor facility, Splat Attack Battle Arena is located in Billings, Montana! Call 406-927-3489 for more details and follow our social media! I played paintball for the first time 4 years ago and loved the sport so much I had to open a field of my own to share with everyone in our community!

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