Gear, Etc.

Concessions (available everyday upon request)

  • Water   $1
  • Soda: Pepsi and Mountain Dew$1
  • Popcorn $1
  • Chips: Cheetos, Lays Potato Chips, Doritos, $1
  • Candy Bars $1.00
  • Cliff Bars $2
  • ICEE push pops: Sour Apple, Cherry, Blue Raspberry  $.50
  • Chocolate covered vanilla ice cream bars $.50
  • Ice cream sandwichesDrumsticks $.50


Wild Rose Paintball Shirt $18

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Splatterfield (c) Paintball Arena Blanket $59.99

This blanket, that comes in 2 different sizes, (50″x60″ & 60″x80″) is a great way to get the youngest paintballers excited about the sport while they watch their older siblings and parents on the field. Made by Playtime2Bedtime, this blanket will have the kids wanting to make their beds in the morning so they can play like the pros. Additional blankets can be found on



We take gear on consignment.  Contact us for more information.

Consigned:  Tippmann Cronus/Empire Halo hopper, C02 tank – mint condition – $185


Gift Cards

To order your Gift Card click on the link below for your e-gift card. Call #406-200-8955, or email: for regular gift cards

It’s easy, just pick the amount you want to give. If you would rather have a regular gift card instead of the e-gift card, we can either send the card to you in the mail, or you may contact us to arrange for pickup at Wild Rose Paintball.

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