Martha Rowe (D.M.A.) Coaching Available for Team Building!

Whether you are having a family reunion, a couples retreat, a wedding after party, or doing team building for you and your employees, Martha Rowe has partnered with us to make your team building experience unique to your needs. Martha is no talking head.  She leads you into a hands on, involved, and interactive group activity!

Martha Rowe is an experienced and certified Martha Beck Life Coach. She spent nine months training and working with Dr. Beck and other Master Coaches then had an internship period that she needed to pass before becoming certified as a life coach. Martha earned the Doctorate of Musical Arts from The University of Arizona. She also served on the voice faculty at New Mexico State University for 23 years as an Associate Professor, so she has the patience, and teaching experience to guide your group to function together after some other team building exercises with paintball!


She will talk with you before your team building experience in order to tailor a program that will most benefit your needs and the needs of the others on your team. Your paintball/coaching experience will be the best team building activity in town. Partnered with Wild Rose Paintball, Martha Rowe Coaching will be the most unique bonding experience in Montana.

The rationale behind this team building experience is the fact that everyone learns and grows in different ways. Experiencing something is far more effective than listening to a long lecture or just reading a book because you use more than one part of your brain, which causes you to enjoy and retain the information better. With both paintball and coaching you have a physical experience, and more than an ordinary lecture. This makes your team building far more effective


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