Important Rules Of Play

At Wild Rose Paintball, we want everyone to have a safe and memorable experience. The rules are very important to accomplish this. When you come to the field to play paintball make sure have signed your online waiver form. All participants must sign a waiver to play. Minors must have a guardian sign our waiver. Waivers can be found under the waiver tab on the website.

The rules of play will be read aloud to all participants prior to play. We will go over marker parts and usage at that time as well. Questions can be asked at any time.

Here is a list of SOME very important rules:

1.) EVERY TIME a participant enters the field they must wear their goggles.

2.) DO NOT, for any reason, remove your goggle on the field. Strategizing on the field must be done with your googles on at all times. Otherwise, strategizing and picking teams will be done off the field prior to each time you play.

3.) Barrel socks MUST be on paintball markers when off the field.

4.)No close range shooting. (To be explained in detail at the field)

5.) No shooting over the nets.

6.) No climbing on or moving obstacles.

7.) Minors MUST wear neck protectors and they are recommended for every participant.

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