Did You Know you can earn a college scholarship to play paintball?

Yes, that’s right a paintball scholarship for college! It won’t provide you with a full ride right now but, as paintball gains momentum and publicity as a competitive, popular sport the possibilities of college and private sector scholarships could rise.

One scholarship out there is the Bob Gurnsey Scholarship. To support the scholarship fund you can donate to:

The Bob Gurnsey Scholarship Fund
713 General Kershaw Dr.
Old Hickory, TN 37138

Another place to contact is the Paintball Scholarship Fund:

MYRTLE BEACH, SC 29577-5843

Next contact the National College Paintball Association to ask them about any advise they have to start and fund your college club.

If you want more information about schools with possible scholarships reach out to the colleges you are interested in to talk about starting a paintball league with the hope of getting some renumeration.

First things first though, you must be a great paintball player. So practice, practice, practice, because practice makes better! Form a team with your friends or start a club at your Jr. High or High School, play together, and enter tournaments.


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