Join Wild Rose Paintball’s League night!

Once a week we have League night. This will be a recreational and strictly fun paintball night. Winning teams can win cash prizes!! Start getting your teams together now! If you don’t have a team and would like one, send us an email with your contact information so we can get you on a team!Continue reading “Join Wild Rose Paintball’s League night!”

Did You Know you can earn a college scholarship to play paintball?

Yes, that’s right a paintball scholarship for college! It won’t provide you with a full ride right now but, as paintball gains momentum and publicity as a competitive, popular sport the possibilities of college and private sector scholarships could rise. One scholarship out there is the Bob Gurnsey Scholarship. To support the scholarship fund youContinue reading “Did You Know you can earn a college scholarship to play paintball?”

Important Rules Of Play

At Wild Rose Paintball, we want everyone to have a safe and memorable experience. The rules are very important to accomplish this. When you come to the field to play paintball make sure have signed your online waiver form. All participants must sign a waiver to play. Minors must have a guardian sign our waiver.Continue reading “Important Rules Of Play”

Martha Rowe (D.M.A.) Coaching Available for Team Building!

Whether you are having a family reunion, a couples retreat, a wedding after party, or doing team building for you and your employees, Martha Rowe has partnered with us to make your team building experience unique to your needs. Martha is no talking head.  She leads you into a hands on, involved, and interactive groupContinue reading “Martha Rowe (D.M.A.) Coaching Available for Team Building!”

How Are Paintballs Made?

Water and gelatin are mixed together to make the paintball’s shell. It is heated and spread out very thin into a half-shell mold. Then, the filling is injected after two half-shells are pressed together. This process is similar to how liquid gel cap medicine is made. The exact ingredient combinations vary depending on thickness ofContinue reading “How Are Paintballs Made?”

Are Paintballs Poison?

Our field carries Valken brand paintballs. According to an article titled: What IS A Paintball & Is It Eco Friendly posted on, no paintballs are NOT poison. In fact, paintballs are NOT actually filled with paint. Paintballs are actually filled with coloring and polyethylene glycol or PEG. PEG is found in toothpaste and isContinue reading “Are Paintballs Poison?”