Brighter Sky Counseling & Wild Rose Paintball “Sibling Rivalry” What is this about?

Questions and Answers:

What, When, and Where? We are hosting a new and exciting event that connects paintball and counseling for the purpose of creating healthy relationships. The event “Sibling Rivalry” will be at Wild Rose Paintball (715 Wild Rose Avenue, Billings, Montana) on July 11 from 5-8pm.

Why are we doing this and why have we teamed up with Brighter Sky Counseling? Well paintball can be very therapeutic in many ways. It can provide a healthy release for stress and frustration, especially among siblings. All of us at Wild Rose Paintball want to share our love for the game and it’s amazing benefits with our community.

Brighter Sky Counseling has two new therapists in their office that are excited to bring paintball to clients as a fun and exciting way to help families interact with each other. With Paintball and counseling, families can work through difficult situations, like those encountered among siblings, and open lines of communication.

What to bring to this event? Well, actually not much, you should wear loose fitting layers that can get dirty, and of course your family.

What ages can participate? Erin and Julia, our counselors for this event, specialize in helping kids ages 12 and up so we recommend kids from that age group come to play. However, Brighter Sky Counseling has counselors that can work with kids as young as 3 and paintball can be played with young children as well.

How much will this event cost? The event is $25/person which will include all the gear and paint necessary to play paintball. (We will be using our special children’s equipment called Gotcha Gear) You will also have the opportunity to meet the counselors from Brighter Sky Counseling in a non-threatening environment to ask questions and have the opportunity to talk about working out sibling rivalry issues. Talking to the counselors is no additional cost.

Does the paint wash out? Yes, it is actually an oil based filling in the paintballs not paint. The best thing to do is wash your clothes immediately after getting home, and use dish soap that cuts grease if you have a persistent mark on your clothing.

Where should I park? Wild Rose Paintball, located at 701 Wild Rose Avenue in Billings, MT, will have signs indicating parking spaces. Parking is generally located on the West and North side of the field in the grass. Please do not block the drive so people can enter and exit.


Julia Chandler, LCPC “Sibling Rivalry” and Paintball Therapy Partner

Julia Chandler, LCPC is a licensed therapist at Brighter Sky Counseling. Julia has a true gift and passion for connecting and improving communication in families.  Her work with adolescents and parents can bring families together.  Julia knows that the impact of events, such as Sibling Rivalry, can be a platform for kids and their parents to change the conversation with each other to improve communication and reconnect.   Julia has years of experience working with youth and their families and is excited to be a part of this new way to bring awareness to the power of counseling and mental health services for individuals and families.  BSC_social-54

Brighter Sky Counseling – One of our Partners for Paintball Therapy

Brighter-Sky-Full-Logo-1 Brighter Sky Counseling is owned by Erin Bratsky, a Licensed Clinical Professional. Brighter Sky Counseling provides treatment for depression, anxiety, recovery from trauma, parenting, relationship struggles, emotional regulation, alcohol and substance use, autism, ADHD, self esteem, stress, and anger management, couples and family counseling, and treatment for adolescents and children between the ages of 3-12. To learn more about Brighter Sky Counseling or to schedule an appointment, use the link below to visit their website.

Bright Sky Counseling

Erin Tate LCSW “Sibling Rivalry” and paintball Therapy Partner

Erin Tate, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker at Brighter Sky Counseling.  Erin is an energetic out of the box thinker and doer who is passionate about making changes to improve access to mental health and services for all.  Erin is thrilled to be a part of Sibling Rivalry at Wild Rose Paintball because she knows healing and therapy can take place outside of the office and off of the therapy couch.  Erin has years of experience working with youth and helping to empower kids and adolescents see their strengths and make positive changes in their lives.  BSC_social-45





“Sibling Rivalry” an introduction to the benefits of paintball and therapy!

Growing up with siblings can be equally amazing as it can be frustrating.  While there are days where you can barely stand to look at one another, there are also days you would do anything to spend more time together.  Unfortunately, when we let the difficulties and obstacles get in the way, it can also make it hard to be mindful of the positive experiences. Sibling struggles can cause tension in the entire family.  When sometimes the words about how we are feeling don’t come to mind or the skills to be used in healthy feeling expression aren’t there, one may turn to impulsive or avoidant behavior to cope with these feelings.  Join us at Wild Rose Paintball for a night of healthy, sibling rivalry. While paintball gives your children a healthy, fun way to express their aggression, it can also help siblings connect with one another. This event hopes to allow families the opportunity to learn effective skills to improve communication and to express feelings in a healthy manner.  You will also have the opportunity to participate in skill building activities, as well as connect with the therapists at Brighter Sky Counseling. If you feel your family or your children could benefit from any of these things, please join us for Sibling Rivalry.

-Julia Chandler (Brighter Sky Counseling)

If you have ever heard of movement therapy or play therapy, paintball would fall into those categories! It is exciting to think that playing a game can benefit you in so many ways. The release of serotonin or the “happy” chemical released in our brains is very important. It actually is one way your body defends itself against depression. It is believed to aid in the regulation of not just mood but, social behavior, appetite/digestion, sleep, memory, and more.

Why not gain all of these amazing benefits through fun games with friends, family, and co-workers? Paintball is that great game that can be paired with counseling on-site in ways that would not normally be thought of when just playing the game.

Join us for Sibling Rivalry learn more and experience the benefits!

-“Wild” Rose Pball (Wild Rose Paintball)

Summer Camps!

Summer is fantastic but kids can get bored with all the extra free time. Instead of letting them spend it on the couch let them play at our field with a snack, drinks, and lunch provided every day while you have some free time yourself! Don’t worry about your littles getting hurt we have new Gotcha equipment for kids. For the really young kids or those that are nervous about paintball we have foam balls to use with this new equipment and smaller paintballs. These are also pump action markers so the paint comes out at a slower speed making these much more fun for kids! Waiver links can be found at the bottom of this post.

Here’s what it includes:

$175 per camper includes

  1. Gear and paintballs for the entire week of camp
  2. Lunch and a snack each day
  3. Wild Rose Paintball Tshirt

Camps will include lots of fun paintball action each day.  Participants will also learn teamwork, team strategies, general gun safety, and basic first aid. We will have an expert here to teach paintball basics and answer questions about technique.

What to bring, or leave at home:

  1.  Wear comfortable clothes for active play.  We recommend pants and long-sleeve shirts.  Clothing is likely to get dirty.  Paintballs don’t usually stain when washed.  If needed use a pre-treatment.
  2. No jewelry.
  3. Electronics will only be allowed for communication with parents, and will be left off the field.
  4. Bring a water bottle.
  5. Leave valuables at home.  We are not responsible for lost/stolen items.

Camp Waivers:

6-9 Year Olds – June 3-7, 2019

10-13 Year Olds – June 10-14, 2019

6-9 Year Olds – June 17-21, 2019

10-13 Year Olds – June 24-28, 2019


“Couples Therapy” Date Night June 8, 2019

A letter to our date night participants from our speakers:

Dear Date Night Participants,

We so look forward to a night of paintball, a fabulous dinner, and some discussions time with he amazing couples that are joining us, on June 8th. We will ask important questions like: What kind of relationship do you want? Where are you in that process? When our view of one another is improved, so is the relationship. So, let’s look at some key elements that help to create a marriage that’s healthy, always growing, and fun!

-Joey & Cece Traywick

This date night is sure to be different from any other! Why do the same old thing when paintball is a fun and exciting way to get the stress of living with your partner out and grow your relationship with each other. Include dinner from Texas Roadhouse and amazing conversation, you really can’t go wrong! The speakers are going to give you things to talk about for days and help you grow your relationship even further!  To register for this event call Wild Rose Paintball at 406-200-8955! Space is limited! the cost includes everything in the regular paintball rate like your helmet, unlimited air, entry fee, chest pad, paintball marker, and paintballs for both couples, the speakers, and dinner. $125/couple. Come enjoy our unique date night.

New This Summer!!

We are overjoyed with all the new events we will be having this year, as well as, all of the exciting new gear we now offer! Paintball can be paired with so many different ideas to create wonderful days or nights filled with extreme fun! Take a look at our calendar, follow us on social media, and tell your friends!

This year we are introducing camps for kids ages 6-13. These are half day camps engaging your children in a fun, healthy activity, offering skills for self defense, success with a team, and everyday life. Your kids will definitely be talking about this camp for years to come! Check out more info in the blog post about camps!

Leagues! What can we say, this is for everyone!  Have fun and possibly win cash; how could you lose? League nights are Wednesdays at 6pm. Add your team (4 players) to the growing roster. If you don’t have a team we will find one for you.

This year we are introducing our one of a kind date nights called “Couples Therapy”. You can’t miss this! There are limited spots for the evening which will include dinner, motivational speakers, and of course paintball!! You really can’t go wrong! Check out more info in our Couples Therapy blog post!

We are also pleased to announce new gear especially for kids. Our Gotcha guns are low velocity markers that can shoot either small paintballs or foam balls. This makes it easier for everyone to enjoy paintball at any age, skill level, or (let’s face it) fear level.  We also have new Vibe markers as a rental package upgrade. Vibe markers have a hair trigger to give you a leg up on your opponent! You can also carry more ammunition by renting  pods and a belt, so you can reload your marker on the field during play.

Check out our calendar,  follow us on social media and keep up to date with events or new gear!

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2019 Leagues at Wild Rose Paintball

Wild Rose Paintball is hosting league nights each Wednesday from July 3 through August 7.  League participants will receive special pricing, and the winning team will split a cash prize at the end of league season.

Here’s the details

  1.  4 person teams with any male/female mix
  2. $55 covers your league entry if you bring your own equipment
  3. $160 covers your league entry and includes our standard rental equipment with 500 paintballs
  4. $220 covers your league entry and includes our upgraded rental package and 500 paintballs
  5. If you don’t have a team we will put you on one
  6. Cash prize to be determined based on the number of players and teams
  7. Teams will compete against each other each week.  The team with the most wins at the end of the League season will be declared the winner

Sign your league waiver here