Brighter Sky Counseling & Wild Rose Paintball “Sibling Rivalry” What is this about?

Questions and Answers:

What, When, and Where? We are hosting a new and exciting event that connects paintball and counseling for the purpose of creating healthy relationships. The event “Sibling Rivalry” will be at Wild Rose Paintball (715 Wild Rose Avenue, Billings, Montana) on July 11 from 5-8pm.

Why are we doing this and why have we teamed up with Brighter Sky Counseling? Well paintball can be very therapeutic in many ways. It can provide a healthy release for stress and frustration, especially among siblings. All of us at Wild Rose Paintball want to share our love for the game and it’s amazing benefits with our community.

Brighter Sky Counseling has two new therapists in their office that are excited to bring paintball to clients as a fun and exciting way to help families interact with each other. With Paintball and counseling, families can work through difficult situations, like those encountered among siblings, and open lines of communication.

What to bring to this event? Well, actually not much, you should wear loose fitting layers that can get dirty, and of course your family.

What ages can participate? Erin and Julia, our counselors for this event, specialize in helping kids ages 12 and up so we recommend kids from that age group come to play. However, Brighter Sky Counseling has counselors that can work with kids as young as 3 and paintball can be played with young children as well.

How much will this event cost? The event is $25/person which will include all the gear and paint necessary to play paintball. (We will be using our special children’s equipment called Gotcha Gear) You will also have the opportunity to meet the counselors from Brighter Sky Counseling in a non-threatening environment to ask questions and have the opportunity to talk about working out sibling rivalry issues. Talking to the counselors is no additional cost.

Does the paint wash out? Yes, it is actually an oil based filling in the paintballs not paint. The best thing to do is wash your clothes immediately after getting home, and use dish soap that cuts grease if you have a persistent mark on your clothing.

Where should I park? Wild Rose Paintball, located at 701 Wild Rose Avenue in Billings, MT, will have signs indicating parking spaces. Parking is generally located on the West and North side of the field in the grass. Please do not block the drive so people can enter and exit.


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