Did You Know you can earn a college scholarship to play paintball?

Yes, that’s right a paintball scholarship for college! It won’t provide you with a full ride right now but, as paintball gains momentum and publicity as a competitive, popular sport the possibilities of college and private sector scholarships could rise.

One scholarship out there is the Bob Gurnsey Scholarship. To support the scholarship fund you can donate to:

The Bob Gurnsey Scholarship Fund
713 General Kershaw Dr.
Old Hickory, TN 37138

Another place to contact is the Paintball Scholarship Fund:

MYRTLE BEACH, SC 29577-5843

Next contact the National College Paintball Association to ask them about any advise they have to start and fund your college club.

If you want more information about schools with possible scholarships reach out to the colleges you are interested in to talk about starting a paintball league with the hope of getting some renumeration.

First things first though, you must be a great paintball player. So practice, practice, practice, because practice makes better! Form a team with your friends or start a club at your Jr. High or High School, play together, and enter tournaments.


Parking at the field.

Parking at anytime is ok on the west, the street side, of the field or the north side, the side with the picnic tables, of the field. Parking on the grass in those two areas is allowed. Parking along the street is also allowed but, be courteous and please do not block the driveways of any residents. If additional parking is needed for special events, look for the parking signs. Please be careful backing in or out of any parking spaces and watch for people coming and going.

Important Rules Of Play

At Wild Rose Paintball, we want everyone to have a safe and memorable experience. The rules are very important to accomplish this. When you come to the field to play paintball make sure have signed your online waiver form. All participants must sign a waiver to play. Minors must have a guardian sign our waiver. Waivers can be found under the waiver tab on the website.

The rules of play will be read aloud to all participants prior to play. We will go over marker parts and usage at that time as well. Questions can be asked at any time.

Here is a list of SOME very important rules:

1.) EVERY TIME a participant enters the field they must wear their goggles.

2.) DO NOT, for any reason, remove your goggle on the field. Strategizing on the field must be done with your googles on at all times. Otherwise, strategizing and picking teams will be done off the field prior to each time you play.

3.) Barrel socks MUST be on paintball markers when off the field.

4.)No close range shooting. (To be explained in detail at the field)

5.) No shooting over the nets.

6.) No climbing on or moving obstacles.

7.) Minors MUST wear neck protectors and they are recommended for every participant.

Martha Rowe (D.M.A.) Coaching Available for Team Building!

Whether you are having a family reunion, a couples retreat, a wedding after party, or doing team building for you and your employees, Martha Rowe has partnered with us to make your team building experience unique to your needs. Martha is no talking head.  She leads you into a hands on, involved, and interactive group activity!

Martha Rowe is an experienced and certified Martha Beck Life Coach. She spent nine months training and working with Dr. Beck and other Master Coaches then had an internship period that she needed to pass before becoming certified as a life coach. Martha earned the Doctorate of Musical Arts from The University of Arizona. She also served on the voice faculty at New Mexico State University for 23 years as an Associate Professor, so she has the patience, and teaching experience to guide your group to function together after some other team building exercises with paintball!


She will talk with you before your team building experience in order to tailor a program that will most benefit your needs and the needs of the others on your team. Your paintball/coaching experience will be the best team building activity in town. Partnered with Wild Rose Paintball, Martha Rowe Coaching will be the most unique bonding experience in Montana.

The rationale behind this team building experience is the fact that everyone learns and grows in different ways. Experiencing something is far more effective than listening to a long lecture or just reading a book because you use more than one part of your brain, which causes you to enjoy and retain the information better. With both paintball and coaching you have a physical experience, and more than an ordinary lecture. This makes your team building far more effective


How Are Paintballs Made?

Water and gelatin are mixed together to make the paintball’s shell. It is heated and spread out very thin into a half-shell mold. Then, the filling is injected after two half-shells are pressed together. This process is similar to how liquid gel cap medicine is made. The exact ingredient combinations vary depending on thickness of shell desired or even for seasonal grade paintballs. Paintballs are water soluble, biodegradable, and all of the ingredients used to make them are of food grade quality.

Are Paintballs Poison?

Our field carries Valken brand paintballs. According to an article titled: What IS A Paintball & Is It Eco Friendly posted on, no paintballs are NOT poison. In fact, paintballs are NOT actually filled with paint. Paintballs are actually filled with coloring and polyethylene glycol or PEG. PEG is found in toothpaste and is used in cough syrup. Does this mean you should eat paintballs? No, but having splatter on your face and getting a taste of it in your mouth isn’t that bad. Although it may taste terrible.

5 Tips For Paintball Beginners

1.) DON’T Be Afraid Of The Paintball!! Getting hit by a paintball hurts less than you may expect. Yes, it can sting. Yes, it can leave a mark. However, the next moment you will be back on the field and will have forgotten all about it!

2.) Keep Your MASK ON AT ALL TIMES!! This is very important and should not be taken lightly. DO NOT take it off till you are off the field even if you think everyone is done playing the game!

3.) DON’T Give Away Your Position.  Paintball markers can be loud when they fire so when you shoot you will probably see a lot of fire come your way too!

4.) STAY ALERT. Spotting your opponent, staying low, and keeping quiet will all be to your advantage. When your opponent doesn’t see you and you spot them first will win you the game. So, don’t forget to survey the field quickly and carefully to id your opponent’s locations. Keep this to about 3 seconds or you might get shot.

5.) DON’T Expose Your Derriere!! It is important to not expose any part of your body but, at our field, especially at the tall blue obstacles, you can easily expose your posterior when peeking around the side to see your opponent. The more of you your opponent can see the more they can target.


We would like to remind everyone that we need to have waivers signed once a year. So, even if you have played paintball before on this field or anywhere else we still need a waiver. Waivers are submitted electronically through the “waivers” tab on this website, so you can fill them out from home (or from the office when doing team building) and save time once you get to the field. If you arrive to play without a waiver, you can always submit a waiver by phone or tablet from the field.

Previously signed waivers = more playing time and easier check in!

Our Waivers have a section for you to input your email address. We want to let you know that we will not give or sell your email to any third parties ever! We won’t send you hundreds of emails for updates either. We will use it to send you pictures from that day at the field if any are taken if you would like. Please make sure someone in the group asks us to do so. We also may occasionally send an update to you if someone is looking to play and needs people to play with. We may also send exclusive deals, or playing times etc.

Our waivers also include a consent to post pictures of your play time on our social media outlets including but not limited to Pintrest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp. We may also use them for advertising. Thank you all for coming out to play!

Birthday Parties

No matter what age, paintball birthday parties will be one of the most entertaining birthdays you could ever have. Especially for kids age 8-16 (and most of all for kids at heart up to age 110, where your rental package can include a walker) who want to be active and not just sit around eating cake and ice cream.

Party guests will be talking about it for weeks after.

When you a book a party with us you will get pizza, drinks, cake, and an extraordinarily fun game to play with friends, family and arch nemeses.

Packages include rental gear and options for every budget. Please visit our Rates page for more information.