Alien Encounters

A Scenario Game

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The invasion is upon us. The aliens have come to our world as written in the books of the ancient kings of man. It is time to summon all warriors, for the attack has come.  Join us on the field of battle where the aliens have landed and have evil plans to finish us off for good.

A deadly virus has weakened our world and corrupted our government.  The nations of the world have fallen, the world’s secrets are finally released, and the people are living in fear.  The alien master has released his army on the City of Rosewood and is planning to bring chaos on the earth by reigniting the power of Yellowstone Super Volcano.  He wants to harness the destructive forces of nature, change ecosystems to the needs of the aliens, and destroy the human race.

We summon our loyal friends and sponsors to join this cause on the field of battle.  Feast between skirmishes at the Friendship House food cart. Forge your teams and join the fun.

Saturday August 7th- Wild Rose Paintball, 6601 Mainwaring Rd, Acton, MT

Check In – 8am     Game starts – 10am

Teams of 3-5 will be selected by random drawing.

Entry & Rental Equipment:  $40 (Includes 500 paintballs) After July 31, $50

Entry & Your Equipment:  $25 + paint – After July 31, $35

Entry includes all-day air.  We are a Field Paint Only facility.  We offer two grades of paint and ALWAYS price our paint competitively.

  • Recreational grade paint:  $12/bag (500), $40/case (2000)
  • Competitive grade paint:  $18/bag (500), $60/case (2000)
  • .50 Cal: $24/bag (1250) $80/case (5000)

Registration Form

Violation of the rules will result in ejection from the park. All players are required to have a current waiver from the 2021 calendar year. HPA tanks must have current hydro. All markers required to have barrel covers – barrel plugs are not allowed per insurance requirements. Semi-auto fire only: no ramps, turbos, etc.
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