5 Tips For Paintball Beginners

1.) DON’T Be Afraid Of The Paintball!! Getting hit by a paintball hurts less than you may expect. Yes, it can sting. Yes, it can leave a mark. However, the next moment you will be back on the field and will have forgotten all about it!

2.) Keep Your MASK ON AT ALL TIMES!! This is very important and should not be taken lightly. DO NOT take it off till you are off the field even if you think everyone is done playing the game!

3.) DON’T Give Away Your Position.  Paintball markers can be loud when they fire so when you shoot you will probably see a lot of fire come your way too!

4.) STAY ALERT. Spotting your opponent, staying low, and keeping quiet will all be to your advantage. When your opponent doesn’t see you and you spot them first will win you the game. So, don’t forget to survey the field quickly and carefully to id your opponent’s locations. Keep this to about 3 seconds or you might get shot.

5.) DON’T Expose Your Derriere!! It is important to not expose any part of your body but, at our field, especially at the tall blue obstacles, you can easily expose your posterior when peeking around the side to see your opponent. The more of you your opponent can see the more they can target.

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