“Couples Therapy” Date Night June 8, 2019

A letter to our date night participants from our speakers:

Dear Date Night Participants,

We so look forward to a night of paintball, a fabulous dinner, and some discussions time with he amazing couples that are joining us, on June 8th. We will ask important questions like: What kind of relationship do you want? Where are you in that process? When our view of one another is improved, so is the relationship. So, let’s look at some key elements that help to create a marriage that’s healthy, always growing, and fun!

-Joey & Cece Traywick

This date night is sure to be different from any other! Why do the same old thing when paintball is a fun and exciting way to get the stress of living with your partner out and grow your relationship with each other. Include dinner from Texas Roadhouse and amazing conversation, you really can’t go wrong! The speakers are going to give you things to talk about for days and help you grow your relationship even further!  To register for this event call Wild Rose Paintball at 406-200-8955! Space is limited! the cost includes everything in the regular paintball rate like your helmet, unlimited air, entry fee, chest pad, paintball marker, and paintballs for both couples, the speakers, and dinner. $125/couple. Come enjoy our unique date night.

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