We would like to remind everyone that we need to have waivers signed once a year. So, even if you have played paintball before on this field or anywhere else we still need a waiver. Waivers are submitted electronically through the “waivers” tab on this website, so you can fill them out from home (or from the office when doing team building) and save time once you get to the field. If you arrive to play without a waiver, you can always submit a waiver by phone or tablet from the field.

Previously signed waivers = more playing time and easier check in!

Our Waivers have a section for you to input your email address. We want to let you know that we will not give or sell your email to any third parties ever! We won’t send you hundreds of emails for updates either. We will use it to send you pictures from that day at the field if any are taken if you would like. Please make sure someone in the group asks us to do so. We also may occasionally send an update to you if someone is looking to play and needs people to play with. We may also send exclusive deals, or playing times etc.

Our waivers also include a consent to post pictures of your play time on our social media outlets including but not limited to Pintrest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp. We may also use them for advertising. Thank you all for coming out to play!

3 thoughts on “Waivers

    1. Hi Sadie! Every player needs a signed waiver to play. Players under age 18 need a parent or guardian to sign. You may print as many waivers as you need, or you can fill one out when you come to play.


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