2022 Walk-on Hours

Open every weekend & anytime by appointment (weather permitting)

  • Friday 3pm-6pm
  • Saturday 9am-6pm
  • Sunday 1pm-5pm
  • Anytime by appointment

Thank you to ALL of our 2021 Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft Sponsors, Volunteers, and Players!!

We had a great season! We were able to expand to five fields at our Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft Park located at 6601 Mainwaring Road, Acton, Montana, (which is only about 10 minutes West from the top of Zimmerman Trail). We now have an “Alien Filed” , “Rosewood” our old west town, a pallet field, a Vortex air ball field (made by Red Dot Paintball), and a tire field! We hosted our first Zombie Hunt and continued to improve out indoor arena the Splat Attack Battle Arena. We could not have done this without our 2021 Sponsors, volunteers, and all our players! Thank you!! We will continue to build and make a great entertainment area for the paintball and airsoft community in Montana. These were our 2021 Sponsors for Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft:

KAB Sports Cards and Collectibles

Caliber Walk-in Tubs and Stair Climbers

Big Sky Exterior Designs


Radio Billings: Hot 101.9, 107.5 The Bone, & 98.5 The Wolf.

Bitterroot Sip and Paint

Curbside Lawncare

Weaver’s Welding

Kobold Auto Sales

Campfire Hour Podcast

Total Nutrition

Imperial Thai Cuisine

Meadow Gold

Zombie Hunt!

October 15 & 16, 22 & 23, 29 & 30 *** 7pm-10pm

$20 Entry includes everything you need

On the night of the hunt, you will board the ZEV (Zombie Elimination Vehicle) and take the battle directly to where the zombies are beginning to infiltrate the county. You will be provided with 100 rounds of ammo to engage the enemy. Each hunt run will last approximately 15 minutes as you are transported through the area of zombie infestation.

The Zombie Hunt at Wild Rose Paintball will benefit 8 year old zombie hunter Jayden.  Jayden was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy when he was 15 months old. Jayden uses a wheelchair, and will hopefully be getting his first ever powerchair to give him more independence and help him save his energy for other things soon. The family will also need to upgrade to a wheelchair accessible van. Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft is raising money through this event to get Jayden the independence and energy every kid wants, giving him the ability to enjoy his life even more!!

  • What you will need:
  • 1. Sign a waiver if you have not already signed one this year.
  • 2. Book a time slot. Booked slots will get priority boarding for the hunt runs.
  • 3. Tag a friend. This will be the most October fun you’ve had in years.
  • 4. Be prepared to follow the rules. Saving Billings from zombies won’t matter if someone gets hurt.

Register at the link below. You will choose your hunt time when you register, and pay on your arrival at Wild Rose Paintball

Book Your Hunt Time Here


Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft is the best paintball value in Billings, Montana! Come see our expanding field options at our 91 acre facility just outside Billings in Acton, Montana. We have an airball field, tire field, pallet/spool field, and our own Montana Wild West city – Rosewood. A large scenario field is in the works.

2021 Walk-on Hours

Friday 3pm-6pm  ***  Saturday 9am-6pm  ***  Sunday 1pm-5pm

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The 5th field!

Our fifth and largest field was built specifically for our Alien Encounters game. It has a round base in the middle simulating an alien spaceship. It also has four other bases, each located in a different corner of the field to represent four different countries on earth. Who will win, the aliens or the earthlings? Join us in our first game to find out!

On August 7th we are hosting our scenario game, Alien Encounters. Food trucks will be onsite to benefit Friendship House of Billings, Montana. To register for the event and for more information click the link below.

Alien Encounters – Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft Park

*This paintball and airsoft field is located at 6601 Mainwaring Road Acton. Montana, just outside the Billings, Montana city limits (about ten minutes from the Billings Airport/Zimmerman trail area).* 



We partnered with Mr. McCaskill’s construction class at West High in Billings, Montana to create building fronts for our western town, Rosewood. The town continues to develop with covered wagons and other props to make it a realistic old west scenario town. 

We have many plans in the works for this town and are very excited to include it at our growing paintball and airsoft facility.

Don’t miss out on any of the awesome additions we offer with our wild west town and buy a season pass to enjoy it’s continuing changes while saving money!

* Rosewood, Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft’s “Wild West Town” is located at 6601 Mainwaring Road, Acton, Montana (about ten minutes from, the Billings Airport/Zimmerman Trail area).* Just outside the Billings, Montana city limits.

What’s new?! We have the First and Only indoor Gellyball facility in Montana! Located conveniently in the conference room of the Vegas Hotel (2612 Belknap Avenue), right off the 27th street exit in Billings. This facility is fantastic for winter parties of any kind. We are open to the public by appointment everyday of the week. Follow our social media for updates.

Introducing Gellyball!!

Open Play Every Saturday (weather permitting)

             Follow social media for details

We are now a Field Paint Only facility

You must purchase your paintballs or Airsoft BB’s from us for use at our field.  We offer two grades of paintballs for recreational and competitive players.  Our airsoft BB’s are biodegradable.  We always charge competitive prices for ammunition, and will never take advantage of requiring our ammunition to overcharge you.

The Big News!!!

On October 4 Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft Park will begin its journey toward becoming a multi-field paintball and airsoft facility. Our 91-acre park will eventually be built out with a variety of fields, giving you a choice of playing scenarios every time you play. There will also be fields designed especially for kids! We will open one field on October 12, and by spring (and maybe much sooner depending on the weather) we hope to have 2-3 more fields available for play.


Why choose Wild Rose Paintball:

  1.  We are the best paintball value in Billings.  From your entry fee to the cost of paintballs, you won’t find a better paintball package.
  2. We have no minimum group size, and no minimum price for you to pay.  Bring one friend or twenty!
  3. We operate a family-friendly field for people of all ages. With special gotcha equipment for younger players and upgraded equipment to provide older players more options.
  4. Snacks and drinks are always available.  We offer budget-friendly party packages and unique family events too.
  5. Safety first.  Every session begins with a discussion of safety rules.  And we make sure the rules are followed.  That way everybody has fun.
  6. We’re just nice people.  We treat you the way we would want to be treated, and do everything we can to make your paintball experience memorable.
  7. What types of events do we host and what events do we offer? Unique gender reveal parties with take home decor for your baby’s room, bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding party fun days, smash parties (when the wedding is a no go or you get a divorce), birthdays, corporate events, graduation  family reunions whatever you want call us to ask if you are unsure if we can accommodate. Large or small parties welcome. We host family fun nights, date nights, parents’ night out(drop off the kids and you can go do what you want for a couple hours), leagues, special events, etc. Follow us on social media and check out our calendar for special event dates. We also, we have a unique program to partner with any counselor for some paintball therapy. Just ask your therapist to call us for more details.

Call today to reserve a spot for your group or sign up for one of our special events listed on our calendar. #406-200-8955, WildRosePaintball@gmail.com